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Spanish Practice Club Blog - How to learn Spanish language
Spanish Practice Club Blog - How to learn Spanish language

What you need to know about the real price you pay

February 02, 20234 min read

“Grammar is just like a jigsaw puzzle. When putting a puzzle together, one should sort the pieces by colors, groups, and patterns to identify different sections of it because organizing the pieces effectively allows for efficient and timely assembly. The same happens with language, knowing its elements and how they work together allow for clear and effective communication.” - Adriana Vandelinde


Spanish Practice Club Blog

It’s perhaps the most colossal error people make when they think that they want to acquire Spanish.

If you have already chosen to uncover the language, it’s very likely that you are making this mistake.

It is the main reason they stop themselves from achieving their dream goal and start living a limited life full of unnecessary obstacles that only ruin their quality of life.

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I want to share with you how you can avoid this damaging, not affordable mistake.

But first… let’s be honest, acquiring a new language is a LIFETIME project. 

So it isn’t surprising that clients who wish to acquire Spanish…

  • Stop themselves in their tracks…

  • Keep postponing their plans… 

  • Make all kinds of excuses when they look at the price tag…

Then when they find themselves again and again in situations where they wish they could speak Spanish, they realise that it’s surely better to simply get on with what they truly wish to achieve…

It can be irritating…

But opportunities to use the Spanish language come around all the time, you just need to ensure that you allocate the resources you need - time, energy and finances- to help you start with your lifetime project and reach your dream goal. 

But with so much on your plate - How do you find those resources?

Every time you think of taking up Spanish, lack of time, motivation and money come to mind, 


Imagine yourself the next time you travel to Spain and need to explain to a pharmacist that you have a headache, a sore throat or worse, or need to discuss an important issue with a bank cashier, or you simply would like to order half a dozen cakes from a cake shop, and want to ask and make sure that they are fresh so that you don’t let your friends down come teatime... 

You see, clients who don’t wish to make their lives unnecessarily difficult, will make it a priority to find the resources they need.

Think about a private doctor…

This is what you need to become if you want to thrive with Spanish.

You decide that you will no longer settle for less and you provide yourself with the resources you need. 

Then you don’t have to endure situations where you feel constantly inadequate. Because you aren’t inadequate, you are very powerful if you decide to be so. 

This is all possible but what many people do is just say they’d love to acquire Spanish without allocating resources to enrich their lives…

If you continue to believe that acquiring a new language, even a beginner’s level, is a project that you can accomplish in little time without the appropriate resources, this is taking away the very same means you need to upgrade your life. 

The key is to pinpoint your priority. 

When you acknowledge it, you’ll make it non-negotiable.

Just like the private doctor, if they want to create a lifetime of complete service they must acquire the knowledge, hone their skills and keep up to date with new developments in their field forever, before they can build an enriched life for themselves and their families by helping others.

How do they do this - They assign resources to themselves from the start, make their life a priority and carve their own path to success without leaving anything to chance.

You must think like this too.

This is exactly what I work on with my clients on my Supercharge Your Spanish Conversations With Group Tuition using our “3 Steps To Spanish Fluency” method.

Taking all my expertise I help clients with:

  • Qualified tuition that they can implement in real-life situations fast

  • Connection to a community of like-minded language partners

  • Creating the winning mindset they need

  • Providing a structured and consistent way of acquiring Spanish helping them feel accountable and motivated to take action

When they do this, they take control and they spend less time worrying about wasting resources…

And more time getting excited about the next time they travel to Spain.

So if you’d like to start acquiring Spanish and you feel that you need not just tuition, but support, guidance and regular practice…

You can join Supercharge Your Spanish Conversations With Group Tuition here >>> - On this page you can get more information about the power of group tuition and how much value it can add to your life.

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