The Best Way To Learn Spanish

Supercharge Your Spanish Speaking Skills and Live The Life You Want to Live!

You’re here because you want to learn Spanish. But what really matters is why you want to learn Spanish. Your story and where speaking Spanish will take you.

By joining other people with similar aspirations, you’ll achieve Spanish fluency faster than learning alone. 

That’s why becoming a member of the Spanish Practice Club is essential to finally creating the experiences and lifestyle you crave for yourself and your family.

Discover the Practical Strategy to Speak Spanish like a Native

You've tried Google and you've watched tons of videos on YouTube, but nothing is working when it comes to learning Spanish. 

You're not the only one who has tried these options and failed.

The Spanish Practice Club strategy provides the winning combination you need to acquire, practise and use the language naturally and in a safe environment.

What’s different about the

Spanish Practice Club approach?

Our approach to language acquisition allows you to digest new information at your own pace. And at the same time, making sure you feel accountable and supported.

Online learning inside powerful communities is the new way of connecting with others and making headway with a project that is important to you.

Everyone in the Spanish Practice Club can achieve their dream. All by understanding the practical strategy for learning a language.

I would know, I used the same strategy to learn English and German!

In no time, you can speak Spanish like a native, feel confident, and be understood by native Spanish speakers.

Don’t just take my word for it…


I loved the class!!! I can't believe I get all this for this Membership! - Beverly

Now I understand it better than I did one hour ago, thank you (Spanish subjunctive!) - Keith

You can find plenty of Spanish courses but they don't include conversation classes - Olga

I really liked it, it was really fun. It got me to think about in Spanish - Dave

Take a Sneak Peak of the

Spanish Practice Club

Spanish Practice Club is a membership that provides the right strategies, environment and support for members to thrive on their Spanish language skills.

The Flow to Fluency Game Plan

What you’ll get as a Member of the Spanish Practice Club

LIVE Spanish speaking classes:

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels

Unlimited weekly online lessons with practical feedback, led by Beatriz, to help you grow your confidence and practise your Spanish speaking skills.

Astonishing library of resources: Audios, Downloads, Transcripts, Lessons with Subtitles

All complete with a search function managed by artificial intelligence that will return any solution you search for within seconds!

And a Monthly Bundle including...

Key grammar Modules and bespoke practice materials

Every month we'll publish a new Module and step-by-step workbook, which are designed to help you acquire new grammar topics, practise and retain them using contemporary vocabulary and crucial daily expressions in fun and easy ways.

A crazy useful how-to guide

Every month we'll publish a detailed printable to help you make jaw-dropping progress; from making time routinely to practise your Spanish to discovering a brilliant learning structure that works for you. Discover the Spanish language has never been so easy and fun!

Must-have Spanish online courses by level

Reveal your current level of Spanish with our elite onboarding process and get

unlimited access to bite-sized video lessons, delivered by Beatriz. 

Clear explanations and plenty of examples of vital grammar topics that every

Spanish language student needs to know to master Spanish.

All of this goodness is customised to you every single month.

Plus Incredible Bonuses like...

Powerful masterclasses

Accelerate your learning using actionable advice from industry experts and make epic progress with our insiders tips, hacks and guidance.


Monthly Membership fee. Limited offer.

Why learn Spanish with me?

Hola, me llamo Beatriz,

I have been helping Spanish language students become fluent around the world for over 10 years.

I was born in sunny Andalucía in Spain. I also lived in Germany, and ever since, I’ve been in the UK most of my working life.

I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of students and catapult their confidence and Spanish language skills automatically. I am a qualified DELE teacher and certified advanced coach by ICF.

Combining all my knowledge and experience, I founded Spanish Practice Membership Club to help even more people discover the winning formula they need to become fluent overnight.

Are you ready to start using your Spanish speaking skills? ¡Vamos!


That’s my story, but let’s hear the story of one of my Members!

Amanda's Story

Recently, one of my best students told me about the main reason she loves learning Spanish with me...

"Last weekend, I was in a meeting with friends. One of the Spanish men I had met last year but I had three challenges with him: he talks really fast, doesn't finish his sentences and has a lisp.

When we first met and meeting after meeting, I did not understand a word he said, gave up on him thinking it was far too difficult for me and moved on to practice with other friends in the same group.

Since I've been taking lessons with you and taking your sound advice every week, I have noticed great progress within myself.

Last weekend, this man was at my friends' meeting, I hadn't seen him for a long time and I was apprehensive about engaging in Spanish conversation with him but I did and here's the thing: I understood every single word he said, I didn't have to make any effort, I didn't have to ask him to repeat anything and it brought a tear to my eye. Best of all, we found out that we have the exact same silly sense of humor and spent all evening laughing and having a great time! The experience was a great lesson for me and a reminder of why I'm learning Spanish."

Our Money Back Guarantee

I pride myself on my reputation and it's the reason I have been in this industry for 10 years. 

lt's the reason I have a steady stream of highly-driven clients. And it's the reason that, with very little promotion, my high-ticket programmes continue to fill up. 

I stand firmly behind everything that I offer in my business. And the same goes for your investment in this membership.

"You're Fully Covered" Guarantee: Try the Spanish Practice Membership Club for a Full 7 Days, 100% Risk Free.

If you are unhappy with the Spanish Practice Membership Club during the first 7 days, I want to give you your money back..

So, What’s your next step to learn Spanish?

Something you have is options, a lot of them:

  • Keep doing what you’re doing

  • At academies or university (which cost thousands of pounds) 

  • Private lessons (thousands of pounds) 

  • Using an app 

  • Or in a safe space to practice and learn with other people just like you in our Club (recommended!)

    I get it, there’s a risk of not getting a return on your investment with the many options you’re thinking about… but that’s not the case with Spanish Practice Club!

Membership fee

(per month)

Unlimited weekly Spanish speaking classes

Full access to all materials

Online community

Professional support

Lifetime Membership. Never pay more

All future upgrades and materials included


(monthly fee)

I Will Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

The Spanish Practice Club is a membership that will help you to build the freedom you want in your life. 

If you want to transform your communication skills in Spanish into meaningful conversations and a way of life, then I invite you to say "YES". 

“Yes” to more connection. 

“Yes” to authentic relationships. 

“Yes” to a more fulfilled life.

I look forward to being your guide along the way. Click the button below and register now. I'll see you inside the Club.

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